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8 Bits Bitch!

27 Sep

Today’s episode is filled with much reminiscing of the 8bit games of the NES. I talk about 8bit theater the webcomic. I also review Code Monkeys.

Today’s intershiz are 8bit flashes.

This show features music from Possible Oscar and Jonathan Coulton. Check their stuff out because they’re kick ass.


Ctrl Alt Episode

26 Sep
Today Viga talks about Ctrl Alt Del the webcomic and reviews Analog and D+pad. Also in the news Halo 3 is awesome! The thing that ties them all together is this!

Haruhi Suzumiya vs. Narue Nanase

26 Sep

Today’s part one episode is a review of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya vol 2 and The World of Narue. DOWNLOAD HERE!

Today’s AMV pick is I do love Yuri from Bashar of the ages

Sorry everyone…no episode Tues.

25 Sep

Due to technical difficulties and the college not bursting in flames, there will be no Tuesday episode this week. Don’t fear my friends! Viga the Otagal will have a either two episodes tomorrow or a weekend special!

In the mean time please visit the forums and chat or Digg me on the Digg me widget on the right of the blog. You can also leave comments at the bottom of each post on the site and email me at

In the meantime watch Funky Cat Maybe. It’s cute! ^_^

Shark skin man and otakin

20 Sep


On today’s episode I spout my feeling about otakin. I also speak about the podcaster yaoi.

Today’s intershiz is OM NOM NOM NOM!

I also review the movie Shark skin man and Peach Hip girl

The Pirate Special

19 Sep

Download here!

Viga celebrates her favorite holiday, talk like a pirate day

Featured are several webcomics about pirates which are crap, crap, and less crap.
After further reading the last one it’s okay….sorta.

I saved the AMV pick for today to show Luffy is Leeeroy Jenkins!!!
In other video there’s the original You are a pirate video and the kick ass Fred Perry one below.

More pirate links I talked about and love.

Plus how could I end it without talking about him….
Teh hotness you know! ❤

Viga goes into T-Mode

18 Sep

Today as promised is the T-Mode 2007 convention coverage.

Also for the first time I talk about some news. brings the law and I disagree with Daryl Surat big time! Answerman reached 300 with chicks and explosions!

In a short review I talk about Grrl Power!
Download here!

Big news! I’m now available on iTunes! Look to your right!