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The Gekiga Episode

31 Oct

I tell you all about the tale of my reunion to the AWESOME of gekiga, my experience with it at Otakon 07 and my review of Samurai Executioner vol 1.

The webcomic of the week is xkcd.



Welcome to the Nadesico

30 Oct

Today Jesse reviews Martian Successor Nadesico and Viga reviews Welcome to the NHK vol. 1.

We also banter like mindless otaku people and have a debate about cliches in anime today.

The AMV of the week is We all live in Azumerica by Todd Serge

Gurumin and the monstrous news day

25 Oct

Today I review Gurumin for the PSP.


Here’s the links for all the news I talked about.

The following intershiz is very hilarious but NOT WORK SAFE!
A heap of trouble

Filler 2: American….Japanese!

24 Oct
Today’s episode is filler which means it’s not a regular episode. It’s funny though and it has boob talk.

Friggin’ underwear

23 Oct

Jesse and I have a huge disagreement over Arcade Gamer Fubuki. We talk about the Fall 2007 anime season, the Star Trek/ Naruto convention and Deathnote! We have a new special announcement near the end of this show.


The AMV of the week is Supermodel by Pumpkinchick28 using SuperGALS!

FRUiTS the fashion

18 Oct


Today I talk about Japanese street fashion known by some as FRUiTS.

I talk about the communities around it such as LJ FRUiTS and how the magazine began. Also some hot websites and photo galleries all about the fashion.

The intershiz is the Genshiken season 2 opening!

RE:Play this episode

17 Oct

I review RE:Play vol. 1 from C. Lijewski.

The webmanga of the week is I,Otaku!