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Filler 4: Can this Kanon

31 Dec

Viga spouts her first impressions of Kanon and rants about moe in general. There’s also a challenge to the audience and the planned planning of the Anti Moe Coalition….maybe.


Viga’s meta of 2008

27 Dec


Viga talks about her many endevours in 2008! In other words this is a friggin meta. Hey, better to let it all out at once!

The intershiz is HMV Hell: Halo Music Video Hell!

Cartoonists Work in Sweatshops

27 Dec


Today I talk about Sweatshop by Peter Bagge. In the news I fangirl over Satoshi Kon’s Batman. Also in the show is a rambling geek girl. Oh what to do!

The weekly webcomic (which is really picked by my bro) is Goblins.


25 Dec

I has a voicemail!

If you are too lazy to email, comment or forum I made a voicemail!


That’s the number so call it anytime!

The non Christmas special filler

25 Dec

This is not a friggin Christmas special, but there is something great inside!

Review index is go!

22 Dec

I review index is up and go. You can see it on the right side with the forum and Frappr links. If you need to find a review or topic easily you can go there. Or click here!

Online Petitions are Bull

20 Dec

Today I rant about online petitions. I also rant about My Space, Facebook, how cool Portal is, The Mist and the intershiz.

The intershiz is Post-Otakulypse by


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