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Week of NANA: The Music

31 Jan

Today’s episode is all about the music of NANA. Songs inserted are Rose, Starless Night, A little Pain, Lucy and Ah Ah. All of them fron the two bands Black Stones and Trapnest in the anime.

Oh yeah remember yesterdays lack of rule 34 NANA. (coming soon. I wanted you to get the episode sooner ^_~)

In the news Utahime loses it’s song. Sega giving out maid uniforms? iTunes effing with me?


Week of NANA: The Manga

31 Jan

This is the second part all about NANA the manga. I still say some things about the anime in comparison though.

In the news ADV actually gives a comment! Shigofumi is going into wrong hands! The president of Otakorp which runs Otakon resigns.

Week of NANA: The Anime

29 Jan

It’s part one of three in this week long special devoted to NANA. I start out talking about and reviewing the anime series based on Ai Yazawa’s manga.

Instead of one AMV of the week we have five good NANA flavored ones for you!

How To Save A Life by Katarina
NANA mia by Uanime5
Nana Falls Asleep by Dextrosien
Sound of Emotion by Lovely Innocences Productions

and finally Here Without you by Ejmmbrm

Goodbye Kids Next Door

25 Jan

Today is a special episode to talk about the series finale of Codename: Kids Next Door. One of the last good american cartoon series right now.

Here’s the link to the Kids Next Blog by Mr. Warburton.
Here’s Mo Willems Blog.

(NOTE: The original mp3 file was messed up so I replaced it with a better one. Sorry for not knowing sooner. *bows*)


Super Intershiz Go DX!

25 Jan

I talk about intershiz. In fact this whole episode is about different intershiz I found and like. Lame. In news I want this Wii game and Sony should just quit this.


The intershizes are:

  1. AWO in 3 minutes.
  2. Surgerunner
  3. Otaku Gangsters go hard at Otakon! Part one and two!
  4. Nico Nico
  5. Strong Bad Email
  6. Teen Girl Squad
  7. Desslok!!!!!!
  8. Do You Like Waffles?

BTW. It’s a pic of me!

That contest mentioned HERE is extended to March 5th!

The Second Coming of the Samurai

23 Jan

Today I talk about volume two of Samurai Executioner written by Kazuo Koike and drawn by Goseki Kojima. Also Japan arrests three guys for anime uploading. Ha! Yeah it’s a slow news day.


The webcomic of the week is Mistakes of Youth

“Viga the Otagal: she’s raping your fandoms one by one.” – Joe the big fan

Five First Timers

23 Jan

Tonight I take a look at five different anime and tell you my first impressions of them. Seto no Hanayome, Giant Robo, Clannad, Shigofumi and To Heart.

In the news I talk about the Indonesian Naruto suicide, PiQ and Viz pushing anime for TV.

The AMV of the week uses Saikano with Aerosmith’s Don’t want to miss a thing by Mister Furious. Read the story behind the AMV. It’s as touching as the product itself. Maybe I’m sappy these days since I’m in love too. ^_^