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Are You a Werewolf?

28 Feb

Today I talk about the game Are You A Werewolf.


The intershiz is WoW virginity. In the news…Master Chief penis hats? Your webcomic is bad and you should bad is back with a vengeance! Batmanime pictures…*drools* Doujinshi tour for artists?


Absolute Boyfriend the Complete Manga

27 Feb

Today I review Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase.


The news today is pretty good! Slayers is coming back with a whole new series! Trigun the movie! Don’t forget the contest or the forum! Also I rant about where Ctrl Alt Del is heading!

The webcomic of the week is the cute cute cute super cute Nemu Nemu!

Is Marmalade Even Good?

27 Feb

Today’s show is all about that juicy Marmalade Boy. In the news there’s more Yu-Gi-Oh?! ADV is back without my Gurren!? Akira in NYC?! What is wrong with the world suddenly!? Here’s a reminder about the contest!

The AMV of the week is Life As A Dog Part 2 by Otaku Lounge Productions!

Katsucon 08 Part San

22 Feb

I ended the Katsucon coverage today with goodbyes, rantery, art and the purple hair that will become like Steve Bennett’s hat.


Other people did Katsucon reports as well and posted videos and photos!

At The Con Report
Top Secret’s Photos
kabitzin495 Masquerade Vid
Background vid for the Blame Canda Skit (Tha winner!)
Rangercast Katsucon Report’s Photos
Redneck Otaku’s Report
ACP’s videos and photos (OMG they have all the masquerade videos!)
Hey Hey Tone It Down panel part one
Hey Hey Tone It Down Panel part two

There’s tons more online some places. Go searching otakulings!

Katsucon 08 Part Duex

21 Feb

The Katsucon report is back with a vengeance! This time with hotel checks, Lucky Star dancing, musical showdowns, and tentacle hentai skits like below!


Katsucon 08 Part Ichi

20 Feb

This is part one of three of Katsucon 08 that was this past weekend in Washington D.C.!


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Included in this episode is anal rape, shyness, girl love, mile high escalators and game shows. All of this is just Friday alone. Sigh!

Katsucon Pre Con Show!

14 Feb

Katsucon is only less than a day away! In this special I talk about all the things I look forward to and where you can catch me there! I’m so excited!