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Welcome Back to the Drug Trip

27 Mar

I review Welcome to the NHK vol. 2. I explain why I wasn’t impressed enough to mention the GONZO thingy yesterday. In the news….well…blah blah blah Xamdou Shokotan happened.


The webcomic of the week is Dead of Summer!
(thanks for the tip Laz! XD )


For All The Everyones!

26 Mar

A regular episode! I’m surprised too. Anyway it’s all about you listeners, your ideas and reviews requests.


In the news a chairman will be remembered, Eva is doing it again and goodbye my song princesses. There’s two events in DC! The anime marathon and the street festival! Plus a new opener and closer by ZeroBass and Qeshi!

The AMV of the week hails from France. It’s -H- : MachistadorS by Killer Penguin Productions. It uses School Rumble and a French song with English subs for the song!

Filler 9:Ultimate Mop Daisuke DX: The Isle of the Seven Brooms

19 Mar

Today I did a parody show about the fictional Ultimate Mop Daisuke DX: The Isle of the Seven Brooms! Explanation: It’s another Anime News Nina comic parody on shonen fandom. The whole forum thread gone into a parody frenzy acting like it’s real and that the fandom exist and this is my hand in it. If you are a regular listener then you remember the first one.


The filler arc has dissented into chaos. This is madness.

Filler 8: DC’s Cake Was Not A Lie

16 Mar
Todays filler is about activism, knowledge and cake.

Filler 7: SHAFT’d with Peach Girl

13 Mar

The filler arc continues with my thoughts on short Peach Girl that was on Super Happy Anime Fun Time. They’re pretty cool so check out their show too. I should do a full in depth review of this really.


Filler 6: Aya Matsuura

11 Mar

Today is a filler about Aya Matsuura, a J-pop idol. She’s so cute and her music revived my past cutesy j-pop love.


Her badassery is established.

Go To Brigadoon

9 Mar

On a very late The Otagal I dish out my thoughts about Brigadoon. I also have two first impressions about Bakugan and Votoms.


In the news we have dumb teens with threating Deathnotes and Narutardism. Gurren Lagann the movie is coming! Also we have feedback and a very special shout out tribute to Gary Gygax.

The AMV of the week is Jinnai and the Bugrom LIVE!