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Blame the Penguin!

26 Apr

My comp fucked up while updating my ubuntu! I know sad sad sad! Also it happens to be holding Thursday episode hostage. Sorry but the special will have to be postponed. Well, at least it will be another week or half a week. Sorry.


Happy Spring Special Part Two

23 Apr

Here I go with more first impressions of the new anime season! Hooray!


Not much in the news but there’s a good read! Plus here’s a reminder of the Scott Pilgrim Contest!

  1. Write about your favorite comic or manga
  2. Send to
  3. ?????
  4. Profit!
The winner will be chosen soon so enter! The odds are pretty good. ^_^

Happy Spring Special Part one

22 Apr

I decided to watch the first episode of everything coming out this season. It had good and bad results. Come hear about it. This is just part one out of maybe four. Yes I might have to do a forth episode. Wow!


First in the news THIS CRAP SHOW IS GETTING A GAME! Gurren Lagann is SAVED! Haruhi novels in print you say?! The manga TOO! Finally something to compete with Viz in monthlies.

Also I get my first voicemail! (from a human anyway :P) It’s about the Scott Pilgrim movie. Speaking of which, do you want to read a review of the script?


17 Apr

Today I talk about Japanese food. Also I talk about cute bento and yummy snacks! I’m typing this post while hungry and I really wish I could go back in time and eat my lunch from Wednesday.


In the news HARUHI MANGA FUCK YEAH! The intershiz is Charlie the Unicorn ONE and TWO!

Scott Pilgrim’s Podcast of Epicness

16 Apr

I review and fangirl about the epic lulz and win that is Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley! I also do a first impression on The Pirates of Coney Island.
Also an announced contest is within!


The webcomic of the week is FreakAngels.

In the news Matsumoto is bewildered!

Not convinced to check out Scott Pilgrim by my talking. TRY IT YOURSELF GEEKWADS!

The Post Office of the Dead

15 Apr

Today I finally review Shigofumi. I got some good words and some bad shit to say about this.


I do a first impression on Kanokon.

In the news today NO PROOF UNTIL PRODUCTION! Deathnote better show in Washington DC! Who the fuck cares about Gackt’s dog!

The AMV of the week is F A V by Fluxmeister.

Anime in Print

10 Apr

I compare all the anime magazines I came across. PiQ, Newtype, Anime Insider, Protoculture Addicts, Otaku USA and Animerica. Which will come on top to be the magazine supreme?


Barely any news that is good. There’s two intershizes that are too good to wait to use, DeathSquare NotePants, Yuri the Only One For Me and Rickrolling is dead.