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FNPL appearance

30 Jul

I totally forgot to post this! I was on Friday Night Party Line again with Thead and Rym and Scott of Geeknights! I listened to this about 3 times. I’m silly.


Part B aka Sex makes anyone forgive aka ABBA!

29 Jul

This is part B of that episode. It’s all about A Wind Named Amnesia.

DOWNLOAD HEREA renewed first impression of Wedding Peach. WEDDING PEACH!!!

I ran into Hell Girl earlier too.
The AMV of the week is The Bounty Hunters That Don’t Do Anything.

Neeewwwsss or Part A of an episode

25 Jul


Otakon is hosting some awesome people
Not all of them are awesome though…
but more J rock is always awesome!
Another anime mag!
Mythwear finally clears things up. FINALLY!
Discontinued anime and manga
Anime at the Playstation store!
Good bye Iris boys love…
and Youka.
Live Action Bebop. No fucking way!
Yuna is no Lilo.
Tokyopop gets a partner.

"Q" is for AMV’s

24 Jul
Viga’s top ten AMV and a few rants and raves about AMV’s!


10. ‘Cause I’m A Blonde (I prefer the first version!) by Ingress Production

9. Stop Watching Anime and Go Outside by Doki Doki

8. Lollipops, Sunshine and rrRRRrrr by Doki Doki

7. The AMV Hell series by Many many many AMV creators!

6. Let’s Just be Super Cute Girls by Bakadeshi

5. Jihaku by Tyler_yj

4. Odorikuruu (Mamboleo) by Aokakesu

3. Shonen Bushidou by Istiv Studio

2. Hold Me Now (Hall Om Mig Nu) by Tidirium Studio

1. Ntyfive² by Janzki


16 Jul

What sad is I know girls that are at lest one of these.
I think I am about 3. 😛

How to join Aoi House

14 Jul

I review all of Aoi House from Shiei and Adam Arnold of Seven Seas!


Along with this is LOTS OF FUCKING AWESOME NEWS! AX just happened so a lot of it is from there. Plus some stuff outside of it that is pretty awesome. I’ll have to continue it all next show.

Slayers Future NO WAI!
Funi goes You Tube!
No more MAD’S for you, Nico
Funimation, the american anime fandom hero?
ADV gets stabbed again.
I’m not impressed with the Gurren dub cast.
Funimation captures ADV’s former stuff
I’m gonna buy Gundam 00! ^^
It’s gonna be on TV too! ^^

Webcomic of the week is Kawaii Not


Supermodels, Transhumans and Esperanto?

4 Jul

I was a guest on Friday Night Party Line with Thead, Ray and Canadian supermodel Lisa Bettany! Awesome topics, intelligent conversation and polar bears.

Go to it!