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Honorary Child of a Lesser Podcast

14 Aug

I was on Children of a Lesser Podcast with Josh not too long ago on episode 6. Why not give it a listen as we talk about a lot of stuff.


Notice! Errata!

6 Aug

The cool DJ mixing it up at Otakon I mentioned got changed to Friday at 8pm in the sideroom. Just found out myself. What really sucks is it’s put against JAM project on Friday! D: (I think I accidentally said Saturday in the show.

Local restaurants have discounts of Otakon goers. Yay!

Onward Otakon Hi Ho!

6 Aug

OtaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaKKOOOOOOOON! Yes, I am that excited for it I will type like a fucking troll. 074I{0n!!!11!!!one!!!1!

Today is the Otakon pre show. It’s a little something I do before all the cons I go to. Besides, it’s one of my favorite things.

A lot of this info is at the website. DUH!

Also, I announced places you can find me at Otakon and the official meet up!

*dances and sings about her fangirling*