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21 Sep

I’m going be to away for a week or two with probably no chibi eps. A spontaneous combustion of events has lead me to move this weekend. Also I got panel planning fo Anime USA Oct 10 – 12 and I got a new job finally! When things settle I’ll be back in the seat. Maybe a chibi will come out. Or how about a fan made ep of The Otagal? Anyone is welcome to and I’ll put it up. Anyway sorry for the lack of shows this month. I really like podcasting so its a bummer for me too.


Chibi 2: Hentai and Gackt

20 Sep

How does hentai and Gackt fit together? A Friday night car ride puts it all into perspective.

Maybe she’s talking to him?

Talk like a Pirate Day: The Awesome Holiday

19 Sep


You don’t get it? Go here and come back.

For those of you who do get it… ARRRRRRRR! Ahoy me harty! Those scurvy n00bs need to be floating with sharks.

In case you need to know how….

A message from Cap’n Jack. Joke be going long though.

Leave Blackbeard alone!


Okay…here’s some One Piece


18 Sep

Chibi 1: Miku Hatsune

11 Sep

I like Miku Hatsune. There I said it. There’s more inside the chibi episode of The Otagal.


Hey look! Videos!

The SGT Frog dance with all the vocaloids!

Otaku Purity Test 20xx

11 Sep
Long ago four people, Cameron “Zeede” Chien, Michelle “Asrial” Delgado. Maria “Akane” Rider and Michael “Raider3” Fontes created the original Anime Otaku-ness Test 200. (I think they meant 2000?) somewhere in the 90’s. Since then some anon in the late 90’s updated the test to go along with the newer times by adding 50 more questions. Now in the year 2008 a bored otaku by the name of Viga not only takes the test but updates it further with 60 more questions and a few revisions. It has reached over 300 questions so now the question is…

Are you bored, fanboy or crazy enough to take it?


10 Sep
I’m doing a little redecorating now so if the site looks weird it’s just me moving stuff.