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29 Oct

I will return tomorrow with probably a Wednesday Thursday combo show. Maybe I’ll do both. Anyway I’m very sick and can’t talk. See you later.

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I want my voice WAAAHHHH!


It’s a Secret

28 Oct

Today I talk about Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu aka Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret.


NEWS: Ninja Scroll movie!? Well…
SLAYERS Evolution R!
Renegade Librarian!
Morning 2!
Yen Press changes.
I love Top Shelf

The AMV of the Week is Momentum by Koopiskeva.


28 Oct

I was on Friday Night Party Line recently. Go check it out. It was about topics like intellectual pursuits, the pursuit of wealth and pig farming!

Man Eyebrows aka Boom Boom

23 Oct

Today I hit up my dollar manga stack and talk about volume 1 of B.B. Explosion by Yasue Imai!


In the news it looks like Sojitz wont mess up a thing. You go Shikibane!

The webcomic of the week is Johnny Wander.

Haruhi by Bryan Lee O’Malley

23 Oct

I totally kept forgetting to upload this.

AIC, what did you do to Sasami!

22 Oct

Today I talk about the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy OVAs. I also do a first impression on Skip Beat.


The AMV of the week is Dance Your Pants Off! by Xiao Movie Maker

Anime USA and Small Press Expo 2008

17 Oct

Today is the con report for Anime USA and Small Press Expo 2008. Froborr joins me on this episode as we rant, rave and do silly things.


Conventional Wisdom on AUSA. (I’m in one! Yay!)
At the Con’s report.
AUSA gallery.