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Taking Care

15 Nov

I will be gone for awhile. My mother just died on Thursday and I can’t seem to do anything right now. Outside of planning and grieving I just don’t have the strength for my hobbies. When you hear me again I want to be genuinely happy and otaku in the way I am. I can’t say how long I will be gone, but I will return.

Love, Viga

Rest in Peace, Mom. I love you.



11 Nov
I was on Destroy All Podcasts DX with Jeremy! We did an episode about Urusei Yatsura: Only You! Go check it out!
…I love Lum. ❤

Hentai 5: If I Was Invisible…

11 Nov

Oh noes! Viga is talking about a hentai. 18+ only kiddies.


Today’s offering is Invisible Stud.

The AMV of the week is of course AMV Hell divided by 0! Story attached. Also, there’s my excursion into the den of body pillows and some WTF items I found.


5 Nov

Todays episode is about a German concept that doesn’t have a name in English. Also, I review Erica Sakurazawa’s The Aromatic Bitters.


The webcomic of the week is Basic Instructions


Stop looking at my site and go vote!

4 Nov

Othello the Complete Manga

2 Nov

Today I review all of Othello by Satomi Ikezawa!



The webcomic of the week is Weregeek.

The AMV Playlist

1 Nov

Hey look! AMV’s! I feel better so expect a show this weekend. In the meantime check out my AMV playlist. It has some of the AMV’s of the week as well as some future ones. I always add more to it when I go AMV searching. Good finds for You Tube.