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Holy Shit! It’s a Blog Post!

17 Sep

Yes this is a blog post. Imagine that.

As you may not know it’s school time and lots of things have to take a backseat to art and money. Namely the time and energy it takes to record, edit and promote an episode. I thought long and hard about this and found a solution that is easier to work on little by little and hone a skill I’d like to have.

Writing folks. I’m talking writing.

I would like to start a blog about anime, manga and otaku activities. This place, this site is essentially a blog! What about the podcast is the question you are thinking right now. I’m still going to do it, but it’s going to be spaced out. I got one in the hopper almost ready for your ears so look forward to it. I think that instead of having to wait a long time between shows, having a blog as well can have similar content as well as things that I can’t do in audio form. (I’ve been wanting to talk about layouts forever, but couldn’t think of how!)

I hope you stick around despite this change and thank you for listening and hope you will read as well.

Now that THAT’S said, here’s a pic of Ran Kotobuki.