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Beat up the Angel

23 Dec

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In this episode I talk about the anime and manga I’ve been into.

Also, the panel reviews I gotten here and here.


The Last Genshiken

16 Aug
I talk Genshiken 2 with the even bigger fan of Genshiken, Carl of Ogiue Maniax!

K-Oh No Way

26 Apr

The Moe blob band sisters!
Also starring: Angel Beats
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Chasing Sadako

16 Apr

Back in the review seat with Kimi ni Todoke.

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The AMV of the Week is I Love The Anime World by Otaku Lounge Productions

Ponyo Gave Me My Childhood

12 Aug


Obviously this show is about Ponyo. The ultimate kids film.

The Otakon 2009 Show Part 3: Copy Paste and the First Panel

3 Aug

Here’s the last of the Otakon report! It’s all about panels, shopping and the BAD of Otakon.


Valsu’s Otakon report
Rangercast’s Report
and more from them.
At The Con’s report!

The Otakon 2009 show part 2: Nipples and the Panelist He Loved

30 Jul

Part two of the super adventure Otakon extreme time GX!