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The Last Genshiken

16 Aug
I talk Genshiken 2 with the even bigger fan of Genshiken, Carl of Ogiue Maniax!


Otakon 2010 part 2: Card games on motorcycles

10 Aug

Download Here

Part 2 with Saturdays madness and Sundays awesome. Here’s other reports below.

Manga Worth Reading
Ani Gamers

Otakon 2010 Part 1: Tasters Choice

6 Aug

The Otagal Otakon report with laughs, tears and shame!

Here are other awesome reports:
Conventional Wisdom
Reverse Thieves
Ogiue Maniax
Anime 3000

It’s Anime Boston Time!

11 Apr

An Anime Boston con report by Viga and Froborr!

Download HERE

Read Froborrs’ blog at

Anime Boston 2009 with Neito

10 Jun
Tales of my journey to the far off land of Boston. A land of…um…Boston stuff.

Some AMVs from the contest.

The SHAFT that leapt through…pudding!

25 Mar

I was on Super Happy Anime Fun Time! Go check it out. We did a show about anime openers and closers and a review of the Girl Who Leapt Through Time!

Katsucon 2009 Part Two – I Love You

20 Feb

Part two of the convention that turned me to full on otaku-ness, Katsucon


Conventional Wisdom
Redneck Otaku
My Flickr with some pics. (Damn camera ran out of juice!)

A Decent Slideshow!

A Fan’s POV! (Part one of 4?)