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The AMV Playlist

1 Nov

Hey look! AMV’s! I feel better so expect a show this weekend. In the meantime check out my AMV playlist. It has some of the AMV’s of the week as well as some future ones. I always add more to it when I go AMV searching. Good finds for You Tube.


Chibi 1: Miku Hatsune

11 Sep

I like Miku Hatsune. There I said it. There’s more inside the chibi episode of The Otagal.


Hey look! Videos!

The SGT Frog dance with all the vocaloids!

Anime Radio 90.1

29 Aug


It’s a 90’s anime musical theme this episode. Openers or endings from favorites like Tenchi Universe, Marmalade Boy and Slayers!

Music for the Geeky Geeks 3

1 Jun

A third installment! WTF! To answer your question yes I am lazy. Hey, it could of been an all intershiz episode!


The songs are by:
Uncle Lumpy and the Salmon Moose
Tom Smith
Weird Al
Blip Blip Bleep
The L33tstr33t Boys
Geoff Smith
Sex Appeal

The intershiz is Breakfast Buddies!

Check out the FUMP!

Filler 6: Aya Matsuura

11 Mar

Today is a filler about Aya Matsuura, a J-pop idol. She’s so cute and her music revived my past cutesy j-pop love.


Her badassery is established.

Week of NANA: The Music

31 Jan

Today’s episode is all about the music of NANA. Songs inserted are Rose, Starless Night, A little Pain, Lucy and Ah Ah. All of them fron the two bands Black Stones and Trapnest in the anime.

Oh yeah remember yesterdays lack of rule 34 NANA. (coming soon. I wanted you to get the episode sooner ^_~)

In the news Utahime loses it’s song. Sega giving out maid uniforms? iTunes effing with me?

Music for the Geeky Geeks 2

6 Dec

Today is the return of the music for the geeky geeks! Part dos! Part duex! Part ni!

Music is featured by:

Tom Smith
Possible Oscar
The great Luke Ski
Sudden Death
Tay Zonday

The intershiz is this video by the vlogbrothers.