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17 Aug



Holy Shit! It’s a Blog Post!

17 Sep

Yes this is a blog post. Imagine that.

As you may not know it’s school time and lots of things have to take a backseat to art and money. Namely the time and energy it takes to record, edit and promote an episode. I thought long and hard about this and found a solution that is easier to work on little by little and hone a skill I’d like to have.

Writing folks. I’m talking writing.

I would like to start a blog about anime, manga and otaku activities. This place, this site is essentially a blog! What about the podcast is the question you are thinking right now. I’m still going to do it, but it’s going to be spaced out. I got one in the hopper almost ready for your ears so look forward to it. I think that instead of having to wait a long time between shows, having a blog as well can have similar content as well as things that I can’t do in audio form. (I’ve been wanting to talk about layouts forever, but couldn’t think of how!)

I hope you stick around despite this change and thank you for listening and hope you will read as well.

Now that THAT’S said, here’s a pic of Ran Kotobuki.


1 Mar
It’s coming….

Shinkai Day

28 Feb

Today is Shikai Day! Go watch them on Crunchyroll! (I hate them but at least they’re free) Or if you have them you can watch them!

Go to The Makoto Shinkai fan forum! There’s lots of contests to vote on and things going on and people talking!

I already did a review of 5 cm Per Second. Why not check that out!

Notice! Errata!

6 Aug

The cool DJ mixing it up at Otakon I mentioned got changed to Friday at 8pm in the sideroom. Just found out myself. What really sucks is it’s put against JAM project on Friday! D: (I think I accidentally said Saturday in the show.

Local restaurants have discounts of Otakon goers. Yay!


13 Jun

I should have never woken up if I knew today was going to be a day like this.


Blame the Penguin!

26 Apr

My comp fucked up while updating my ubuntu! I know sad sad sad! Also it happens to be holding Thursday episode hostage. Sorry but the special will have to be postponed. Well, at least it will be another week or half a week. Sorry.