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Girls from around the world IN COMICS! PART A!

21 May

Today I’m going to review 3 titles! The first of which is Gokinjo Monogatari! The rest are in part B.


So we got a comic, a manhwa and a manga. Yay!

The webcomic of the week is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

The AMV of the week is Meimoo by Tyler_VJ



27 Apr

Oh my fucking GOD! This show was hard to get through! For your enjoyment and fanboy/girl-ism I present…Lucky Star the episode.

For the manga I have Just A Girl by Tomoko Taniguchi.
The AMV of the Week is My Fist is the Worst Kind of Weapon
by VegettoEX and Mari

The webcomic is Girl Don’t Play Games.

Also a bit on K-On, The Smithsonian Anime Marathon and the Sakura Matsuri.

Hellish Zombie Bite

18 Mar

A pairing of two horror stories. The first is vol. Two and Three of Reiko the Zombie Shop. Then next up is Hell Girl season 1.

The webcomic of the week is The Perry Bible Fellowship.
The AMV of the week is The Baseball Game by Silver Moon Productions.

Horror…really? With eyes like those?

Ours and the Otaku Bastard Child

3 Mar


Today it’s Bokurano. This is some twisty anime. TWIST —->

The manga is Otaku no Musume San!

The webcomic of the week is Bunnywith.
The AMV of the week is 7 Days a Week by Crack the Sky


Dream to be it! Dream to BLOW IT UP!

14 Jan


Today is all about the 4 episode OVA Idol Project!

And The manga is X-Day by Setsona Mizushiro.

I also tell you my favorite manga I reviewed in 08 and the webcomic of 08!

The webcomic of the week is Kimono’s Townhouse.
The AMV of the week is Be Your Girl


5 Nov

Todays episode is about a German concept that doesn’t have a name in English. Also, I review Erica Sakurazawa’s The Aromatic Bitters.


The webcomic of the week is Basic Instructions


Othello the Complete Manga

2 Nov

Today I review all of Othello by Satomi Ikezawa!



The webcomic of the week is Weregeek.