Otakon 2010 Part 1: Tasters Choice

6 Aug

The Otagal Otakon report with laughs, tears and shame!

Here are other awesome reports:
Conventional Wisdom
Reverse Thieves
Ogiue Maniax
Anime 3000


Relaxacons, Questions, and Bleach Bitches

7 May

The feedback episode along with the T-Mode 2010 report!


… Pic unrelated.


26 Apr

There’s a Facebook group now! You can find it there or click the link on the side of the site!

K-Oh No Way

26 Apr

The Moe blob band sisters!
Also starring: Angel Beats
Download Here!

The Lost Episodes: AUSA

17 Apr

A previously unpublished con report from long ago. It was actually lost and never completed or edited. Until today…

Chasing Sadako

16 Apr

Back in the review seat with Kimi ni Todoke.

Download Here

The AMV of the Week is I Love The Anime World by Otaku Lounge Productions

It’s Anime Boston Time!

11 Apr

An Anime Boston con report by Viga and Froborr!

Download HERE

Read Froborrs’ blog at http://animated-discussions.blogspot.com/